The story behind Soluball

When newlyweds Alex Chiau and Roberta Ong decided to start their own business after years of being in service with Singapore Airlines, they carried forward the service experience background inculcated in them. Laundry Maid (L&M) was started in 1993 to provide personalised cleaning and laundry services to households with an emphasis on a seamless experience and doing it with “no sweat”.

Now Alex, with his 23 years airlines engineering background, decided to look into a smarter way to replace bulky and heavy floor cleaners – which have storage issues in smart looking modern households, are inconvenient with spillage problems and taxing on weight. He wanted a solution that would be based on the philosophy of 20% effort and 80% outcome.

Embarking on an intensive research and development journey, the team developed an effective cleaning solution using a tablet. This was revolutionary and awarded a patent by WIPO ( World Intellectual Property Organisation ). The tablet has now been improved to an even more effective design using encapsulated liquid ball...

 “ We pay attention to every single detail that delivers a first class product and experience to our clients and customers. We add the 80/20 rule and make it even smarter” – Alex Chiau