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The best cleaning solution of all


Less is More

Since you must clean, why do it the hard way? Introducing, a fuss-free cleaning solution that arrives in little balls of magic and delivers the perfect home cleaning experience made for the 21st-century individual.

Soluball is convenience backed by technology. It's patented formulation cuts through dirt and grease with unrivaled efficiency while remaining gentle on skin. Brace yourself for a brand new era of clutter-free convenience because Soluball is bringing it to your shelf!

Available in floor, laundry, and dishwashing variants.

Soluball Floor & Surface Capsules

Buy Soluball Floor & Surface Capsules

Highlights - Floor & Surface Capsules

Small & Compact

30 Power packed cleaning capsules that fit into a small little canister. That's a whole month's worth of cleaning taking up less space than a can of soda!


Soluball cleaning solution can be used for floors, tabletops, glass, and other hard surfaces. Cleaning effectively with 99.9% antibacterial properties, cutting through dirt and grease!

Long Lasting Scent

Comes in 3 wonderful fragrances
- Relaxing & Floral Lavender
- Citrusy & Zesty Lemon
- Fresh & Exotic Lemongrass 

Soluball Laundry Capsules

Soluball Baby Laundry Capsules

Buy Soluball Laundry Capsules

Highlights - Laundry Capsules


Spill-free Soluball laundry capsules contain detergent and softener that you can simply toss right into the washing drum. Forget about measuring, pouring, and spilling those big bottles - Soluball is so simple, anyone can use it!

Gentle on Skin

Effective in removing stains yet gentle on skin. The soluball laundry capsule detergent is specially formulated without harsh phosphates/ parabens, while the capsule itself is made from naturally derived materials so its safe to handle.

Low Suds

Soluball laundry capsules have a high solubility, low suds formulation that ensures you won't get that sticky detergent residue left on your clothes. Always get that fresh laundry feel, wash after wash.

Soluball Dishwashing Capsules

Buy Souball Dishwashing Capsules

Highlights - Dishwashing Capsules

Sparkling Clean

Tough stains and food residue don't stand a chance with Soluball dishwashing capsule's high performance detergents. With an integrated shine agent, your dishes will emerge from the dishwasher sparkling clean!

Water Saving

Save water with the built in rinse-aid and integrated water softener so your dishes and cutlery come out of the dishwasher spotless without needing a second rinse. Did we mention its also better for your dishwasher?

Fresh Lemon Scent

Who can resist the squeaky clean, citrusy scent of fresh lemons? Soluball dishwashing capsules will leave your dishes smelling irressistably fresh!  

Introducing Soluball


Ng Siew Koon, CEO UMLand Hospitality

"We operate the Suasana Suites brand of serviced apartments in Malaysia and the feedback we have gotten from our guests about the cleanliness of our properties has been overwhelmingly positive. From an operations perspective, Soluball has really revolutionized the way our housekeeping department works. The nimble, portable capsules allows our staff to get their work done much faster, without having to carry cumbersome bottles of cleaning solution and mixing them with buckets of water each time. The capsules are also surprisingly effective and economical, cleaning tough stains that we have struggled to remove in the past, and leaving a long lasting, fresh scent. The use of innovative products like Soluball has undoubtedly cemented our reputation as a forward thinking hospitality brand, contributing to us being awarded the coveted Asia Pacific Tourist & Travel Federation's Best Hotel Suites Award 2019."

Chua Jia Ying, Lifestyle Blogger / Influencer

"Anyone living in Singapore can testify, homes are getting smaller and sometimes there just doesn't seem to be enough space to breathe - it's a miracle that 900 square feet can fit a family of 5, including 3 women who love to shop, and 1 furkid with a closet that's got more outfits than the typical Singaporean guy. That's why we really love Soluball - we use the whole range of products from the anti-mosquito lemongrass floor cleaner to the lavender baby laundry capsules. These bottles take up much less space compared to the traditional cleaning products, and we never have to worry about spills - and they're so easy to use! I've also used the baby laundry capsules for washing not just our clothes, but for my furkid's too - it's a baby-safe gentle formulation so I know it wouldn't trigger her hypersensitive skin and nose - in fact, she really seems to like the scent! For anyone dreaming about living in a decluttered, Marie Kondo-esque home, Soluball is definitely a product you should check out!"

Ng Wee Hoe, Graduate Student University of California San Diego

"I first tried Soluball laundry detergent capsules while I was a visiting graduate student at the University of California, San Diego. While I don’t usually do product reviews, these capsules were amazing and so effortless to use that I’m still using them, especially during my travels. I love to travel light even for my long trips and that necessitates doing laundry at some point, which would require me to gingerly pre-pack detergent into small bags or bottles. But with Soluball, I’d just grab a couple of capsules and bring them along in a box. Personally, I think the capsules are really handy and fuss-free, which makes it a perfect fit for the lifestyle of young travellers."